Let’s Walk with the Ewoks – Day 331

ewok So here is my Ewok piece. I’m going to make this into a stencil, but for today we get a transfer. So… i was so excited about yesterdays Animal piece, i shot high today. And i found out Elmer’s white glue does not dry well under a heat gun. I’ve been using the heat gun to speed up my watercolors and acrylics, but the glue burns and melts. So… the big pieces i started have a few days on them. I found a few more of my pre-painted boards and this one looked like a sand storm, and BAM! i put an Ewok on it. I shot this with my cell phone and it’s more saturated then the actual piece. I’ll scan it tomorrow after the varnish cures. You can see some of the milky acrylic not dry, mixed with the reflection of my varnish, ha ha. Call me an unprepared art student. But it’s still a fun piece. The transfer is dark, but it’s not as dark as this picture. That’s it!