Don’t Feed the Animals – Day 330

animal t1

animal t12

animal t13 Blah-dow! here is another Animal piece. This is much larger then my other transfers, and i have a confession on this one… I’ve been working on it for a good 2 days, so I’ve overlapped some work to have better work for todays post! ha ha. I was not overly excited about a few recent transfers, so this one has a bit more. I started with a full watercolor of animal. I used a lot of pouring techniques, then went back in and tweaked the lines. I designed a transfer with text to be put over the final watercolor, and then i also used some patterning with dots/circles in pencil and water color to add some more texture to the background. When i was scrubbing the transfer off, i went a little tougher on it, knowing the watercolor was underneath it. The final piece has an abstract looking Animal, but I LOVE it! This piece is roughly 22 inches tall by 10 inches wide. I can’t wait to frame this piece! Now i need to find a show to put him in.