If Basquiat Had a Cat – Day 326

photo Here is my Tom piece. I did a painting with wax of Tom a while ago, and it was ok. I’m not loving that one as much as this one. It really felt good drawing on the piece with a pencil and painting text. It reminds me of a piece by Basquiat. I’m not a huge Basquiat fan, but for the moment i was spitting out energy haphazardly on to the paper. I really love this piece. I think some upcoming pieces will have this feel and flare. I have been ripping down my paper, because most of these transfers have been tests with other mediums, but i might have to pull out a full sheet for a larger version of abstract Basquiat-esk art. I had a rough day yesterday/this past week, so i think some of that energy is being passed in to my work. There’s nothing wrong with channeling that energy in to something positive