I Have the German Measles – Day 324

skull transfer How many skulls am I up too? You can count them! ha ha, Here is another skull transfer. I have applied another dot pattern on this piece. Again, i love the patterning that connects traditional to pop art. It makes for great contemporary works. I usually overwork pieces, and i love simple non complex pieces that are direct and to the point, but i never make them. I feel this piece executes simple and vast all in one. I’m very happy with this piece. The piece is overly dark, but in this scenario it works. If we break it down, it’s black, white and red. Even the grays in the piece are smaller black halftone patterns. I’ve been looking at some incredible silk screen posters lately by Derek Hess and i think i want to give it a go. My buddy Ian, kind of brought the idea up to me on Saturday that he was going to make a few and now i want to too! I guess i’ve been very inspired lately. On that note, I’m calling off work… i have the German Measles! (that’s code for I’m going to make art)