Those Are Two Ugly Chicks, Man! – Day 323

img637 Here is my Chick transfer piece. Ehhh…. the idea was “Easter” in the color pallet, stenciling and Chicks. I think it’s borderline muddy mess/worst Pez piece to date. BUT!!! (and that’s a big but!) i made it and i was part of the process. I won’t lie, there’s a really strong chance that this one gets more done to it afterwards. Maybe a stencil, maybe collage, maybe a paper basketball… who knows? But it’s not my favorite, and i dare say least favorite. The transfers were pretty grey, with little depth or contrast (my fault). I think that’s one of the big reasons it’s not working for me, and maybe the color patter was too much, in the sense where i laid the images. I also don’t think the transfers stuck as well. So it was the perfect storm in my art world. Hopefully tomorrow brings something more exciting.