I’ve Got a Dory to Tell – Day 320

img633 Here is my Dory Pez. FINALLY! there is a Dory Pez. Initially there was only Nemo and Bruce. Any way, like yesterdays post I’m playing with the double image. This piece looks like Dory is moving or swimming. I do plan on cutting a stencil of this image. The weather is getting better, but still a bit cold for spray painting. In fact, it started snowing again today. I love some of the motion of the watercolor, and i really like the black washes in the piece that play with the transfer image. I’m a big fan of abstract work merging and transforming into a recognizable image. You can sees some of my black swirls in the stem of the right Dory and at the top of the paper bleed into the images. I really like this piece.