Daisy’s Are Better then Roses – Day 319

daisy Here is my Daisy Duck Pez. This is my double Daisy piece. I was scoping out some other artists on Facebook and liked some arrangements i found. And it’s not that original but i found a couple of mixed media pieces, with doubled/tripled up black and white photos and i just loved it. So here is Daisy at 2 different angles. This piece makes me think the actual dispenser has life. Like she’s in a photo shoot and is moving for the camera. If you look at the bottom of the piece between the two dispensers you can see some fun marks i made. They look like eyelashes, or were made to mimic eyelashes. I shot this with my phone, because the varnish is still wet, but i love the paper towel it’s on too. It looks great with the piece, and it’s the ragged old paper towel. I feel there is some story behind the piece, but my head is throbbing with a fun headache. I don’t feel like searching for the meaning. But my feelings go towards the holiday, Valentines Day, and the thought of elementary school and passing/receiving valentines days cards in my shoe box. Who remembers making your own box to collect cards?