Never Heard of a Jellyfly – Day 316

butterfly transfer Here is my newest butterfly pez. I have a few things going on as i’m playing more with mixed media. This is a watercolor, transfer, with multiple overlays and an oil based clear coat. I shot it with my cell phone because, it’s still really wet (dumar varnish). I plan on scanning them later. This piece is bigger then my past transfers, it’s about 10 inches tall. I love the way the side to side swipes/tears on the paper look. If you read an earlier post on my EB this really adds content to this piece. You can’t tell from the photo, but there is a great contrast from matte to glossy finishes from the image to the paper. I can’t wait to frame this and really have that “POP”. I like this piece a lot, and i love playing with the mixed media.