It’s Just Me, Myself, and Minnie – Day 315

minni 1

minni 2

minni 3 Here is my Minnie Mouse Pez. I had the idea of doing a more realistic watercolor piece, but i found some watercolors i hadn’t used in a while, so i tried them… They worked ok, but they’re really made for kids. So the don’t dry or lay the way the higher quality watercolor paints do. This particular brand almost had a waxy look when it dried. So what? right? Well, i also added 2 transfers of Minnie, and pulled most of them off. I guess i was too impatient, and they didn’t transfer as well as the others i just did. But because of past 3 transfers i stumbled on a new technique, that i think you’ll be seeing more of. I used the acrylic over the final piece, randomly and quickly as to not re-wet the watercolor. When that dried i went back over with black, and ta da. I have some great results with bright and muted tones. I LOVE the technique. I really should shoot this with proper lighting (not just my iPhone), the texture is really interesting. I did mask off a few vertical lines that run through the transfers. Almost as if they were beams of light coming down to collect the other 2 Minnie’s. You can see on her nose, a triangle, that’s a spot where the acrylic missed and i pulled it up in my antiquing or scrubbing efforts. OHHHH, i just want to stay up all night painting. ha ha.