That’s Incredible! – Day 312

img627 So this is my Dash Parr Incredible’s piece. I haven’t seen the movie, but i will! OK, so today was half a new adventure and half preexisting knowledge. I now know the last paper i was using for my contour drawings were NOT done on watercolor paper. I ordered a few sheets of watercolor paper, and this is what today’s project was on. I’ve transferred to wood before, but not to paper, and wow! what a smoother process. I think the transfer practicality melted into place. It was INCREDIBLE! There was very little “weathering or aging” like in my other pieces. I also tried mixing watercolors with my clear acrylic. The real ah-ha moment came after i pulled the transfer and went to work back in and around the piece, and noticed the resit the acrylic had left. I am really digging it. I wish i had thought about that, i would have muted my colors a bit more, but that’s half the fun of playing with techniques. This piece is only about 7 inches tall, so it was made as a test run. And i have intentions of pulling a larger transfer piece on watercolor paper. It reminds me of my printmaking days at Baldwin Wallace. Any way, feeling like this test wasn’t enough i found some holographic embossing powder that I’ve had for ever. So i fired up my heat gun (never using the powder before) and blew “glitter” all over me and my studio. That was fun to clean up. I’ll have glitter down there for-ev-er. So i re-wet the paper to make the powder stick and melted it. It’s really cool. The powder melts in to a glaze and shimmers like glass. I admit, it’s a bit crafty, but on the right piece it could be effective. I don’t love this piece, but i love what i learned from the paper and powder.