Confetti Tom – Day 301

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tom 3 So here is my Tom Pez, from Tom and Jerry. This is the biggest piece to date on the 365 challenge. I think it’s a 20 x 30 ish canvas. I like the ideas of wax from my last 3 pieces that i decided to play more with it but also include paint. So the painting is combination of melted wax that was drawn with and randomly melted along with acrylic paint that was brushed on and squeeze out of the bottle. I like the piece, but it’s so wet now that if i push farther. It may end up like a mud puddle if i keep plopping on the paint. So I’m leaving it be. There’s nothing stopping me from reworking it later, right? The piece is done on canvas, in fact its on a canvas that someone else was throwing away. So there is a mystery painting under my painting. We’ll let the art historians find that gem in the future. I love that when the wax melts and falls it almost leaves a perfect circle and dries within seconds, but if you don’t clear coat it with acrylic you can easily remelt the wax with the heat gun. I use a heat gun to speed up drying time with the acrylic, but in this case i also use it to melt the wax. I plan on putting a high gloss clear on it when I’m done, but I’ll evaluate it later to see if I’m really done or want to work more on it. I think i want more dots, like a pointillism piece. The thought initally with this piece was to get depth with the wax over the paint. I think it’s working, but to really get depth, it would take a few coat of paint and wax. This piece was done over about 2-3 hrs.

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