You Got Wax in Your Ears? – Day 298

kung fu panda 1 This my Master Shifu Pez from Kung Fu Panda. I have not seen Kung Fu Panda, and i have no idea who Master Shifu is. ha ha. But i own the dispenser! So… i was milling around my studio trying to figure out what i could do now, since i’m out of paper. So i ripped up my Andy Warhol book i picked up from a thrift store, mounted it to a canvas, made a contour drawing over it, then was like “hmmmm”… I had an artist a while back who used to bake crayons ad get cool effects on these abstract pieces, so crayons were on the brain. I used a heat gun and crayon and started melting them as i drew with the crayons. It almost looks like a highlighter. They have a “shity note book sketch” quality about them, but there is some fun texture. The collage back ground pulled up and was moving, but i didn’t mind. The colors are much stronger then watercolors. The wax is still translucent, but much more vibrant. I love this idea, and i think i need to find a ton of old crayons and make a huge wax drawing/painting. This picture i posted is post varnish. I wanted to get a clear shot before i coated. So i put a clear acrylic over top, and started to puddle around the wax and has a web effect. I call this piece finished because of the nature of the project, but i might layer on top of this piece with other process’ i use in my collage. Because of the dry time, i won’t be able to do that all in a day. I like this piece, but i don’t feel it has the full strength of the skateboards or the contour watercolor pieces. i think that’s because they each have subject matter in the background and create a dialog. This piece is almost a straight portrait, if you will.

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