Don’t Play with Your Food – Day 297

bruce shark 1

bruce shark 2

bruce shark 3 Here is my Bruce the Shark Pez piece. Bruce is from Finding Nemo, one of my favorite Pixar movies, and Bruce is a shark who is trying not to eat other fish. He belongs to the Fish-eaters Anonymous Group, ha ha. I’m sure you’ve all seen it. I made a Nemo skateboard a while back, and this is the only other Finding Nemo Pez. Any way, i paired him up with goldfish crackers. It’s not only humorous but factual! (since Bruce is not trying to eat real fish). This piece is complementary in color scheme. I dabbled a bit more with this piece and tried to use opposing colors as the shadows on each piece. For example, i used orange on Bruce’s shadows, and blue on the shadows of the crackers. I think i could have studied the shadows a bit more, but i like the idea of mixing those complementary colors. As i was looking at the dispenser i often thought of the movie jaws, and the shark coming out of the water. Because of that, i demonstrated a new technique (new in the sense i haven’t done it with water colors yet) and that is the spattering of my paint. I flung blue paint behind the sharks head, and thought it represented a shark jumping out of the water, catching its prey. I think of spattering paint as an “amateur” idea when it comes to copying Jackson Pollock, but when it’s used in the right context i think it really adds another level of quality. I really like this piece, and it rounds out my stash of paper. I’m sure i have other paper, but not this size or texture. I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow! ha ha.