Nice Jugs – Day 296

cow 1

cow 2

cow 3 Here is my cow Pez piece. Everything is pretty standard with this piece. It’s a simple cow Pez (original Pez design) and I put it with a couple of milk jugs. Got Milk? Get it? I like this piece because I’m having fun learning how to use black washes and get some great shades and modeling to my forms. I liked playing with the jugs in this piece. I know those plastic bottles have a toothy texture almost like the paper I’m using and it was fun to get a freebee in that respect. I think i could have really played with the jugs, but as a daily project i didn’t feel it necessary. While i paint, i often have more and more ideas and i was considering a larger still life with multiple retro items and more play with textures (like chrome, fabric, etc…) Again, its one of those things i might get to after this project or maybe I’ll get the itch and start it simultaneously with the daily projects. I like the final piece, but the actual dispenser feels like a flat illustration or cartoon. I don’t feel it has the strength of some of my past watercolors, but i still enjoy it. Maybe i don’t have the push with the deeper tones. On a side note, i only have one sheet of this paper left. I think i have some real watercolor paper around here. I guess we’ll find out in 2 days, ha ha.