Lucky Penny – Day 295

lucky 1

lucky 2

lucky 3 Here is my Lucky Pez. This Pez is from the General Mills Cereal. I’ve done the other 3 cereal characters in spray paint. I was starting to think this piece wasn’t so lucky. I’ve been trying to upload them for a few hours, and either the internet had better things to do, or my computer was on super slow mode. Any way, here we are pictures uploaded. Again, this started off with, ehhh… this is going to be a tough sell to the audience. But i LOVE it. I learned a new technique by accident, and that was soaking up my puddles of water with a paper towel almost acts as a “highlighter” or at the least a color softener. I pulled up some the highlighted areas on Lucky’s face with a paper towel and fell that it really gave the face shape. I’m starting to really like watercolors and figuring out the layering. I want to get real watercolor paper, draw the picture in pencil, and super saturate the colors on an upcoming piece. Perhaps i can get a photo realistic painting. I don’t usually work super realistic, but the challenge is calling my name. I paired the Pez and the penny for obvious reasons. There are lucky pennies and the luck of the Irish, put them together and you get twice as lucky, right? Even the penny has a great metallic look. I slopped down some yellow in particular areas and let it dry before i put down my oranges. Then i came back with more orange and yellow (heavily wet) and darkened it up with black and gray washes. Both parts feel illustrated, and if i went for the realistic concept, i think there would be a rainbow of colors across the paper. I didn’t really muddy up any of the paints. I left them all fairly vibrant. I like this piece a lot.