Purple Haze – Day 294

witch 1

witch 2

witch 3 Here is my Witch Pez. I did a vintage witch a while back, but this is the more recent release for the Halloween series. This dispenser glows in the dark. I like the vintage look more then the contemporary dispenser, but as far as the painting goes, i really like it. I paired it up with a tornado and house, much like the Wizard of Oz. There is a wizard of oz witch dispenser, but i don’t have it. And i think it’s more fun to use a slightly different witch, otherwise there is creative comparison. I’m not saying my 2 images are “super creative” i’m just stating it would be very obvious if it was the real witch. I need to play more with weather related paintings. I like my tornado, but i think i could do better. I also lend that to learning more about watercolor paints. I have 3 sheets left of this paper then, i have to think of another avenue. I found this paper call Yupo in a dick blick catalog. It’s watercolor paper, but the paint settles differently. It settles in really nice pools and doesn’t have the tooth that other rag papers have. I’d like to get some, but it’s like $3 a sheet. And if you order online, you might as order a bunch, because shipping’s really going to drive up the price. I might hold off on ordering for a while, but the paper adds a new “technique” that is almost a happy accident, at least that’s what the picture leads me to believe. I’ve never used the paper. Any way, i like this piece even thought the dispenser doesn’t excite me. I think the paintings make me like dispensers more, then i did before after i feel a piece of art is successful.