Hip, Hop, Anonymous – Day 291

hippo 1

hippo 2

hippo 3 Here is my Hippo Pez piece. I believe she is from Madagascar (the movie). Again, i haven’t seen it, BUT! my daughter got Madagascar III for Christmas, so I’m sure I’ll see that a million times. This is a fairly simple Pez as far as detail goes. There are some small embossed areas for the nose, and other then that the head is pretty square. I think it”s a cute Pez, but I’m still really into the vintage ones. I plopped a tricycle in this piece for a few reasons. I think my mind was working like a tornado and picked up pieces to the idea, but nothing solid as far as direct dialog. I think its a piece i’ll reflect on in a month and go, “Oh, that’s the connection”. The tricycle was pink and so was my dispenser. I also think of children or small people riding on tricycles, and a hippo is not small. Even baby hippos are huge! And then there was the correlation and thoughts of the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” and i thought tricycles seemed like a typical Christmas gift, right? Another ideas was that i believe hippos are generally slow moving animals, but have bursts of speed while in danger or attack mode. There is a fire decal on the trike that states the same thought. Kids on trikes don’t really move “fast” but in their heads the fire makes them faster. Perhaps someone can tell me what they see. The connection was made with no hesitation, so i know my conscious saw something i didn’t. Ask me about this in a month.