This Guy’s an Animal – Day 290

animal 1

animal 2

animal 3 Here is my Animal Pez piece. I really like this Pez dispenser, maybe it’s because i just like Animal and his wild attitude. I paired Animal up with Lars Ulrich (if you don’t know who Lars is, i can’t help you). I like the photo i had of Lars making a silly face and it paired well with Animal. On direct parallels they’re both drummers, and Lars is known to collect art and now he is in my art. So there’s the obvious. I love the coloring in Animal, but I’m not really planning out the highlights like i was in the stencils. I can go back and put the highlights in with gouache or acrylic, but they have a stronger illustration feel without the highlight then a photo representation. I wasn’t excited about the way Lars’ face turned out, but then i thought to myself, it’s a contour drawing, get over it. I didn’t’ color his face in either. I like to leave some paper tone visible. I’m finding less is more and I’m really trying hard to not over work pieces. I thought if i colored Lars’ face in, that it would be too much and take away from the focus which is the Pez. If you haven’t seen Metallica live, they’re incredible. I wouldn’t say i’m a huge fan, but i am a fan non the less. They are so technical and tight as a unit, any musician can appreciate and respect the talent whether or not you like the music. I’ve seen them live once, and many live performances on TV.