Fight Fire with Watercolors – Day 289

firefighter 1

firefighter 2

firefighter 3 Here is my Fire Fighter Pez piece. There is a line of hero’s Pez, and this is one of them. I know this image (symbolically) has been done 10 fold, and might becoming cliche. But today i heard on the radio a comparison or comment on 9/11 and for the first time i think i was reminded about the event. I’m not sure when, but i feel like i forgot about it. I know it’s not something we all think about everyday, some people might, but i felt bad about forgetting. So when i saw my firefighter Pez, i knew it was the one for today. I didn’t forget because i don’t care, i just think it’s not talked about as much as it was over the past few years. Any way, this piece is complementary in color, reds and greens for those who didn’t know. I like this piece it reminds of some of my pop art icons, Warhol to be exact. On a side note, i’m having my second cold within 3 weeks. I really considered staying on the couch and using it as an excuse to skip todays piece. Then that guilt set in and i got up. Even the flu can’t stop me!