Sky Walkers – Day 288

skywalker 1

skywalker 2

skywalker 3 Here is my Luke Skywalker Pez. I’ve had this one up on the drawing board for a long time. I was contemplating my stencil breakdown for the transparent eye shield. Since I’m out of boards for a while i pulled it for the contour drawing. I think it came out well. I played with the watercolor control a bit more. Translation: i didn’t rush myself, ha ha. I had a hard time thinking of a secondary image to compliment or play of the Pez, and i decided birds. They are “Sky Walkers”, and the image of Luke in his flight helmet made a great compliment. I like this piece a lot even though I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars. I need to pick up some more sharpie markers. Mine are starting to fade on this paper. I’m not sure if they’re older markers, or if the paper is really absorbent. I also can’t find my stash of gauche. Gauche are opaque watercolors. They might pack a stronger color punch. They lay down almost like tempera, but you can re-wet them.