Harry Elephante – Day 287

mamouth 1

mamouth 2

mamouth 3 Here is my Wooly Mammoth piece. The voice over from the movie Ice Age was played by Ray Romano. I think he’s funny, i love prehistoric animals, so that just means i love this piece. This is one of those pieces i had no confidence in while making. I was like, ehhhh…. do i have to finish and post this? But when the color went down, i really loved it. I know I’m rough with the watercolor and staying in the lines isn’t a priority. But I’m really digging the contour drawings. I was thinking of what to add to this piece, and doubling the image on this one wasn’t the best idea. So i put elephants in the background. It’s cliche theme i guess… which is time. Maybe it’s not cliche but it’s a very popular topic with in illustrated images. Anyway, elephants are ancestors of the mammoth and we look at pictures/art to remind us of the past.