Is Anyone Still Emo? -Day 286

pez pal 1

pez pal 2

pez pal 3 Here are my Pez Pal contour drawings. Pez Pal’s are the “people” versions of Pez dispenser. They’re the original designs by Pez vs. the commercially licensed characters. These boy Pez Pals have Emo hair. Ironically i think the design was created back in the 50’s or 60’s so maybe it would be Beatles hair? When i drew out the contour drawing the piece was pretty simple, and almost boring. But i think the watercolor really added a punch. The photos you’re seeing are not how the finished piece looks. WHAT! I just went back in to my studio and realized one or both of my cats jumped up on my drafting table, moved my water pan on to the piece, slashed a lot of water out, and walked on the painting. The painting isn’t destroyed it just has paw prints all over it. I’m a little upset, and tomorrow the door handles and LOCKS I’ve had for a while are going to be put on. I love my cats, and enjoy them when I’m working. But leave them alone for one minute and they have to be nosy. At least i was smart enough to take the photos before my break.