A Face Only a Mother or a Blind Person Could Love – Day 285

monster watercolor2

monster watercolor3

monster watercolor 1 Here is my Sea Monster Pez watercolor contour drawing. That’s a long title. Any way, so the set up of 2 angles of a dispenser is really fun. I think this piece was more about being half aware of my brush mark and color application and the other half is like be fluid and just let it happen. I’ve played with watercolor since i was little, i think we all have. But the way the colors pour into each other is so random and beautiful. It’s kind of like seeing a gas or oil puddle in water on an asphalt parking lot. It looks like a rainbow. I think the paper I’m using is a heavy drawing paper. It was paper that was going to be tossed out, and i said “I’ll take it”. That’s the hoarder in me saving any possible supply i can. I really should pick up watercolor paper to get the best absorption. I keep pulling out the heat gun to eliminate the puddles. I think the last few pieces i did really had a solid pop feel. In this piece i started adding in black and complementary colors to deaden the tones. It almost has a a creepy flash light to the face look. I likes it! I think i might explore some deeper tones like this on future pieces. It’s not a pallet i usually approach, but that’s half of the goal with this project. I’m trying to explore what i have (supplies) and learning some new tricks.