More Wood – Day 284

woody 1

woody 2

woody 3 Here is my Woody Pez Drawing. Woody is from Toy Story, if you didn’t know. I started this piece with the idea of a single Woody and coloring him in like the last few, but then i thought of one of my favorite artists and mimicked the set up. That artist is Andy Warhol, and the piece is the double print of Elvis Presley pointing the gun. I like this piece and I’m enjoying the series of contour drawings. These pieces are much more flowing then the stencils or the transfers but i feel they still reflect my pop art/contemporary style. I just received a bunch of canvas’ today. If the weather stays a bit warmer like it has i might try to do contour drawings with spray paint. So is that a drawing or a painting? hmmmm… any way, my mind is constantly thinking of fun ways to play with random supplies.