Burgers or Dogs? – Day 282

dog 1

dog 2

dog 3

dog 4 This is the slinky dog Pez from Toy Story. This is a contour drawing with watercolor and acrylic paint. This time i thought I’d jazz it up a bit. I added other content, which is the cheeseburger. If you don’t get the joke, it’s hot dogs and burgers. The slinky dog is a dachshund. I’m having fun with these contour drawings. This one is a little brighter then yesterdays. I think i learned a few tricks, and hope to keep making them more saturated. I’m using my iPhone for these photos for a few reasons. It’s fun! and it’s just easier for the moment then trying to hang them and light them. I think of them as drawings or preliminary pieces for future projects. If i thought i wanted to reproduce an image i would definitely get it right for photography. I like this piece. I’m looking forward to playing with some other Pez/object match ups.