Don’t Get Out of Line – Day 281

monster 1

monster 2

monster 3

monster 4
Here is another contour drawing. This one is of the One Eyed Monster. This is a pretty large piece, i would guess it at 30 inches tall. I was really just having fun slapping colors on it with acrylic and watercolors. I used my iPhone to take the photos, since it was getting late and still wet. I really like the pop art feel with this piece. I “kind of” like the transparent look, but i think I’d really like an opaque paint behind drawing. And i REALLY think I’d like it as a silk screen. (which I’ve been dying to do with a local company). I through salt down to play with the water, but using my not so quality water colors or my lack of patience may have postponed my outcome. Since the piece was sopping wet, i through down paper towels to soak up the water, and check out the cool fabric pattern the towels left behind. You can really see them in the first and fourth photos. After yesterdays lecture at the Cultural center, i know that i can feel good about not finishing works. This piece could probably be framed and passed off as finished. In my head i want to rework the darker reds and the stem of the dispenser, but that would almost be me starting all over. I’m on a mission to use up a bunch of materials i haven’t used in a while.