Contour Dinosaur – Day 280

pez dino So here is my contour drawing of a dinosaur pez. I just got back from a great show at the Sandusky Cultural center. And this exhibit not only had Noah Scalin’s work in it, but he gave a talk on his projects including the skull a day project that I’m mimicking. It was so great to hear his story and feel the energy he put out there, which leads me to this piece and the pieces to come. He started making work out of things he had (something i love to do with my collages). Well… i have a pile of watercolor paints, and i think i’m going to attempt a few watercolor pieces. Use what i have, right? Any way this piece is really a contour drawing with a sharpie, and then i went back over it with watercolor. It has a very childish feel, perhaps its the bold line from the sharpie, but i think my next one i might try pencil and heavier watercolor layers. This was done on drawing paper and the water really started to pull a part the paper. I like this piece because it opened a new medium that i don’t often venture into. After Noah’s talk today, i was reassured that it’s ok to have bumps and “not so good” pieces. That’s what prepares you for the really good works to come. I don’t think this piece is a bad piece, but i’m excited to see what i can do now on watercolor paper. And I’m really excited to share them with the world.