Snow-Angel? Snow-Board? Snow-NO! – Day 279

angel 2 Here is my follow up to my angel Pez piece. A skateboard? what’s that? Don’t get used to the skateboards… my fear of the lack of broken boards is coming true. The colder weather/snow isn’t producing the destruction of the curved laminated plywood i use to make these pieces. AND!!! the cold weather is really messing up my drying time with stencils. Ehh…. So I’m afraid this might be my last skate board for a while. On a positive note, my brain is constantly giving me grand ideas. And i have some new Pez ideas coming soon. Some are morphed ideas and some are new, but they’ll all be fun! Stay tuned. Back to the angel. I really didn’t like the first one i did, but this one is more true to the color combo of the dispenser. I lightened up the shadow on the wings and made the hair orange. I put him on a board I’ve used before, this rainbow styled one. I liked how his hair fell in line with the red and yellow on the board, almost becoming part of the rainbow mix. The stem also mimics the red on the board as do the wings with the text. I like this board more then the first angel piece i did, and over all I’d say i like it too.