Is that a Smile I See? – Day 275

img614 Here is my smiley face transfer. It’s a little muddy, i must admit. The combination of odd background colors and the transfer overlay makes for a a foggy smile. I like the idea and message it lead me too. Today’s new years day, and I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of people with hangovers, but when they wake up from the haze or fog of last nights events a smile emerges. A smile for the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, or forward motion as i like to think. The edge of the right side of this piece shows where my miter box chewed up the wood pretty good. “Rough” would a substantial word to also compliment an evening of chaos and fun. On a side note, i was just (spray)painting in my garage and when i went to release my finger from the can, it stuck. What was it? Blood. My fingers are really cracking up now in the colder weather from my Eczema. I took some pictures of it i might post later. Being an artist is dangerous!