Unarmed and Dangerous – Day 274

img613 Here is another skull transfer. I think we’re all gonna have to get used to the skull pez’s popping up. They’ve become one of my favorite dispensers. Like yesterdays post, the text stencils were cut at random, and this one happens to say “Na Na” as if the death was mocking the viewer. Again, it wasn’t planned but i like that it happened this way. I put the heat gun to this pieces as well, and i got these great brown/orange bubbles on the bottom of the piece. This looks good with the frame! The purple plays off the secondary color scheme and the orange matches the burl frame well. I really like this piece. All three of last posts will be up at the Squared show in Sandusky for $50. That’s with a custom frame. If you ordered the frame i put on each of them, the frame alone would be $150. I know a guy who owns a frame shop! Back to the piece, i like the title “Unarmed and Dangerous” and i feel i’ll use that a few more times in my work. Knowing that Pez don’t have arms, and I’ve fallen victim to collecting them the term is appropriate. I also put a final clear stencil over this piece. I felt this stencil was very church/death/Gothic like and that’s how they were matched up. Showing these pieces to Charles, the director at the Cultural center, he made a valid point. The gloss/clear finish that i put on last really doesn’t read well in the scan, they have a stronger impact in person. It’s nice to hear those comments from another artist/critic. It was in the back of my mind and an effort i was shooting for and when someone recognizes it, it feels good like i accomplished what i intended to do. One last play on this piece. Today is new years eve, or the death of 2012. It was a great year for me. I started my Pez project, had great meetings and conversations about art, and feel i really made great strides with personal goals. Here’s to another great year. I hope it full of many more doors to open and hands to shake. Be safe everyone.