In the Vintage Color Pallet – Day 272

img610 Here is my second One Eyed Monster transfer piece. This one is going to the exhibition “Squared” at the Sandusky Cultural Center. In this exhibit are a lot of great artists, but the one I’m looking forward to meeting is Noah Scalin. I modeled my 365 Days of Pez of his work with the Skull a Day book, and his Get Unstuck in 365. Any way, check out the link for times and reception. I really like this piece. It’s basically the same layout as my pink version, but the green and orange really ring to that 60’s/70’s color pallets. And it looks killer in the frame! I put a burl wood frame on it in an orange-ish stain. The registration of stencil and transfer are pretty good, but the edges are a little crooked. I like that about this piece. It reminds me of the bad offset printing from 30 years ago. I’m really trying hard to pick appropriate color schemes with my newer pieces. It wasn’t that long ago i was grabbing anything and everything and my pieces didn’t pull together as well with out the appropriate color harmony. Any way, this is a favorite among the transfer pieces. I hope you can make the show!