The One Eyed Monster, (In Pink) – Day 271

img611 Here is one of my pieces that i was mocking up for the Square show. This one is not going in to the show. I made a second one that I’ll get up later, but this is the pink on pink version. Unlike my earlier transfers i also cut stencils for this piece. This piece has 3 color layers, plus the transfer which gives multiple tones to my colors. I get muted whites/greys and variations of pinks with the addition of the transfer. A new idea I had been thinking about for some time was the though of matte finishes vs. glossy finishes. You can see a shadow/shade difference over my piece that is in a jungle/floral pattern. It doesn’t translate as strong in reproduction form. In person, pending your point view, it adds a new depth to the piece on an otherwise very flat and graphic image. I applied that layer with another stencil and high gloss clear. I love how some of the transfer completely removed itself from the painting and you get these open wounds of solid color (like in the stem). In that same area to age the piece i use a heat gun to bubble the paint. My vision/concept for this series was 1960’s-1970’s vinyl album covers. This piece had plenty of time involved and I’m excited to plan out a larger piece with 10+ stencils. This piece is only 8 1/4 x 8 1/4