Like a Sitting Duck, We Wait for Santa – Day 267

img606 Here is my duck pez transfer. I went out in to the crowds today to find more Christmas gifts. Please see yesterdays rants about that! I got what i needed, i guess. Any way, it’s Christmas eve and I’m sure a ton of little kids await the morning. I’m getting back in the spirit now that i have a littler girl. She’s only 1, but loves the lights and wrapping paper. Any way, this duck piece is so so. I like it and then i don’t. I love the actual dispenser, and the painting has some cool qualities like the bubbling effect from spray paint and water mixing. But i think it’s not quite there. I’m going to lay out my pieces for the Square show (I hope tonight), but i have gift wrapping a head of me. Don’t you hate when you’re so in the zone to create, and holidays, events, and life gets in the way. Its’ a feeling of if only i could be left alone for a few hours. And then on the days you have all this time, the inspiration seems to find excuses not to come out. I almost have to give up sleep to make work, ehhh. I’ll get there.