I Could Have Used the Force Today – Day 266

img605 Here is my Yoda transfer. So i’m one of those people who procrastinate for my holiday shopping. But i’m not one of those people who speed around 5mph parking lots at 85mph, nor am i the guy who blocks an entire isle with my cart on a diagonal and clearly see’s other people trying to get past but ignores them. I’m not a parent who lets there kids hide under clothing racks, lay on top of clothing racks, or lay on the floor where other shoppers are trying to get past. I guess i could have used the force today to let people know they don’t have to be jerks. Oh! and i realized there are a lot of sloppy hill billies that come out during the shopping rush. You can’t miss the pajama bottoms with cartoon characters (made for children!), over sized hoodie’s and other attire that are comfortable! (yes i love hoodies!) but not when you combine them all and think you’re hot stuff. OH! and i saw a 12-13yr old girl far to big for the clothes she was wearing. Her gut was hanging out, and I’m talking like 8-10 inches of gut. And the mother didn’t say a word. I think “I’m dreaming of a white trash Christmas”. Ok, i’m done with my ramble. Here’s yoda. I like the transition of green to brown. That’s the color of the pez head and stem. I really dig the distressed marks too. I has that classic toy feel, and reminds me of Christmas in the 80’s.