Chicks Man – Day 264

img603 Here is my chick Pez Transfer. It has a much darker background then a few others I’ve posted. I really like the distressed feel to the back. The stem is a little dark in the over all scheme of the piece and when i go to mat/frame it, i might crop out the area where you can see the distinct line (rectangle) from the transfer. Again, these are test pieces so I’m not cautious when I’m applying them; it’s more about the technique and process. On a side note the snow is here (which i don’t mind) and my Eccsema is acting up. If you don’t know what that is, the cold and dry air is making the tips of my fingers crack open and bleed. Good times. And, i think the world is still here. I guess we have till midnight, but my money is on the side where life goes on.

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