Do Your Ears Hang Low – Day 260

img599 Here is another transfer piece. It’s Eeyore. Yes, i’ve done this Pez. That’s why i used him. I don’t want to try a transfer of a piece i haven’t done yet (only previous stencils). It’s an artist thing, i guess i just wanted to pull transfer these as practice and if i pull one that i really like, i might not like the stencil as much? Make sense? Any way, you can see the back drop has some fun play in virtually a primary scheme. But it also has some texture from the water i added to the wet paint, and the use of hammer tone paint. This one transferred really well. I had some great brain surges today on how to incorporate the transfers and the stencils together. I have a show coming up in a few weeks, and I’m trying to plan a few of them out, time permitting. I like how this turned out and a few more transfers and I’ll be back on the boards.