Transferred to a New Department – Day 259

img566 Here is my second transfer piece of the skull. This one does not have the stenciled out area for the head. This is just on an abstract board. I like this piece, but there is some remnants of the paper from the transfer i should clean up. I really like the primary color scheme, it’s nice light pallet. I also like that the red is at the bottom and feels like fire coming up around the stem. The idea of these transfers is to make a full stencil and apply a transfer to the piece. I want to see if i can get that extra volume using a halftone pattern on top of my stenciled piece. I think it will work, i just have to play with the back grounds. I know the half tone will cut the saturation levels down on my image so I’m trying to think of way to also cut the background levels down with having to put a half tone down on everything. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, it’s ok. I’m just thinking out loud. The thought would be to have the pieces look more 3 dimensional as well as cast a 1970’s-1980’s advertising vibe. This piece pulled apart a bit more. I’m not quite sure if it’s the scrubbing or the lack of the matte medium applied before the transfer.