Do You Have a Taz Tattoo? -Day 257

taz 1 Here is my first Taz Pez piece. When i think of Taz, i can’t help but think of a Taz Tattoo. So many people got Looney Tune tattoos in the mid 90’s. Now i love Looney tunes! but there was an epidemic when it came to the tattoos. If you have one, you know what i mean. You and 20 of your friends got them too. (i don’t have any looney tunes tats!). Any way, i really dig this piece. I think the overall color play is nice, and i don’t mind the longer board. Taz always has a tornado brewing under him to the longer board takes on that role. I don’t love the shadow on the teeth. The smaller image of this looks ok, but the actual board doesn’t sit well with me. It’s just no the right gray/light tan i wanted. It works, just not the best (i think).