Who Wants to Join the Polar Bear Club? – Day 256

ImageHere is my holiday Polar Bear with a hat pez.  He’s on a great rainbow color board that plays off of his 2 main colors (red and green).  I like how the red had seems to fold nicely back over the green stripe on the board.  I don’t have much dialog for the finished piece other then it’s getting close to Christmas and the holiday season.  I haven’t done any of my shopping.  I like this piece.  It’s simple but effective and that’s a primary goal when i’m creating this series.   On a side note by blog site is getting some kind of makeover or new pages.  I’m trying to post this and all the buttons are moved and rearranged.  It’s kind of irritating.  I have a system on putting these posts up fairly quickly, and now it’s like i’m re learning a program.  I hope it’s worth it when i figure it out.  Sometimes it’s for the better… sometimes not so much.