I’ve Been a Minor for a Heart of Gold – Day 254

valentine gold Here is another follow up to my Valentines Day Pez. This was started a while ago but never finished for a show i was in called the Gold Show. I finished it today because of a friend of mine who’s been on my mind. A great friend of mine is going through some medical issues at no fault of his own. He just got the short end of the stick, i guess? Any way, i had a short text message conversation with him yesterday and can’t stop thinking about the situation at hand. He’s a guy who has a heart of gold and all i can do is hope he gets better. Helpless is a hard feeling to get over, and that’s what i feel like. I’m not going to discuss the specifics, but felt the need to release some thoughts in the form art. This piece speaks differently to me. I don’t feel like talking about the visual image. It’s more of a feeling of memories and smiles from the past. Gold always shines and has quality that doesn’t allow it to rust, it just has that quality about it and that’s how i think of my friend. Someone who sees the good in everything and everyone, even though he’s having his own tough time. Any way… that’s all.