Ogre the Rainbow -Day 250

shrek 2 Here is my second Shrek piece. I darkened up green. He looks a little too dark. I also put him on a raw board. I thought the natural wood tone would work well with the darker image. The board looks like it had some type of art on it, then some kid must have sanded it all off and burned it. There are a some torch marks on the sides and back. It’s not an interesting board by any means. This board is ok… i don’t’ hate it, but i don’t really like it either. But i appreciate the risk of trying something different. As a college student i would hesitate on many projects. The thinking of a “B or C” grade is better then the risk of a D or F”. But the reward could have been an “A”, but was the risk worth it? I think maturity kicked in, and the realization that i have to fail to figure out what works best. I love to be daring, and even in this case i don’t mind seeing an “ok” board.