The Iliad? Is that the Right Homer? – Day 248

homer 1 Here is my Homer Simpson Pez. He was definitely on the list to do, but my friend Ian really pushed me to get this one done. In fact, it was off the market before i finished it. I really like this piece. The board i used has great color harmony with the image. The board shows a guy on a couch playing video games? and there’s a mess of junk around him. The board is upside down, and a lot of what i just described is hidden, but ultimately it lead me to think “Homer”. The full dispenser almost made the board, but just the feet were lost. I love this board, and i’m glad it’s going to a good home-r. I pulled this piece and looked at it and realized i forgot a crucial piece! His side hair. I had to recut a portion of the stencil and then painted that back in. How can you forget his hair? there are only 4-5 strands, ha ha. I still have Maggie and Bart to cut to finish the series.