Wile You Were Out – Day 245

wile coyote 1 Here is my first attempt at Wile Coyote. I love the actual Pez dispenser. I’m not sure why but it has a vintage feel, but the one i have is not that old (with feet). Any way, this piece began tricky, and ended up being a simple-er piece. I painted over a few layers that made it too complicated (color wise). There are some halo effects if you look close, you can see hints of grey and pink that i went over with the tans. I put it on one of my West Side boards to compliment the stem. The board doesn’t have any extra dialog, its just a fun color play and strong graphic punch from the type. I like this piece. I don’t have the Road Runner dispenser yet, but hope to get it and make a set with the two of them.