Pumpkin Spice, The Ugly Spice Girl – Day 246

pumpkin round 1 Here is my second version of the Pumpkin Pez. This is the round version of the pumpkin. This is a very simple stencil, in shape and layering but i think it works really well. I put it on a green board that had vines and resembled a pumpkin patch. I really like the text font on the board. It reminds me of a “B” Movie or an old horror movie promotional poster. I really like this piece, I’m considering keeping this one too. I think the piece speaks well as advertisement piece. I think the text leads me in that direction. It’s not that the piece has no dialog, but i feel the work has more to say, and you’d have to see the movie that it portrays to figure it out. So if we’re looking for a quote or moral to this piece, it’s don’t judge a book (skateboard) by the cover.

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