Back in Black – Day 243

Here is my second version of the misfit black skull pez. I used dark green to get that darker gray tone, so it has a green feel. but i really like the steps in value through the piece. I also darkened the collar to a darker red. I put it on this green board, and the image really seemed to pop off the board. The board is not my favorite design by any means, and its a bit too geometric for my tastes. But the wood tone at the top really emphasizes the yellow eyes, and the bright green plays well with the darker greens in the image. I like that there is a human figure behind the skull Pez. After we die, all that’s left are the bones and memories of what once was. It’s kind of a fun dialog to add to the piece. The triangle patterns also fade away as the board moves upward, another reminder that the physical remains will also disappear. I really like this piece. I’ll start working on other misfit skulls/crystal skulls soon.