The Land of Misfit Toys – Day 240

Here is my first Misfit Skull piece. There is a series of Pez that have these “misfit” colors. They altered or changed the parts/pieces to make them look accidental. I have a few of the misfit skulls, and this is the black one. It was hard to reverse engineer. I was able to find a few shades of gray paint to help model my form. I like the way it looks, but i wish i had a darker grey, almost black, to really get the feeling of a black dispenser. I’m considering using a dark brown for the next one to help it look more black/darker. I love the yellow eyes, and that’s why i used it on this skateboard. I actually have a handful of yellow boards, and i plan on using them for other misfit skull pieces. I offset this image to the right to allow the white writing to emulate smoke or a fun abstract pattern. I really like this piece and I know it’s because it’s one of the skull pieces.