The Z-Man – Day 239

Here is my vintage Zorro piece. There are few variations of this dispenser including a curved mask (shown) and a straight mask. There is also a version that has “Zorro” written on the side where “Pez” should be, which i believe is worth a little bit more then the regular one. I like this piece, but did contemplate the darkest flesh tone which is brown in my painting. It has a weird blob feel, but does help line the mask up with having volume and form. Maybe i should have pulled it in a lighter color (which i don’t have), but i don’t hate it. It’s just odd looking. I put him on this fun West Side board, and i thought it had the feel of one of Zorro’s sword marks in the shape of a “Z”. To limit multiple layers of the same color (because of the way stencils work) i started my first color layer in black (for the hat and mask). I love when i sand down the stems that it reveals the colors i laid down first, in this case the black. It just adds so many more elements for fairly little effort. I really dig this piece.