Goof Off or Goo Gone? – Day 238

Here is my revised vintage Goofy piece. I put him on the more worn half of the board that reminds me of a looney tunes cartoon. I love the way that Goofy’s face seems to intercept that worn coloring on the top and bottom of the board with his facial coloring. It has a striped feel without screaming bold lines. It’s an overall nice monochromatic play with a strong vintage feel. I plan on pulling a newer version of Goofy soon. The newer version has a lot more colors to deal with, but i just can’t kick these vintage pieces. They have such more life, character, and sentimental value in them. There are actually quite a few versions of Goofy. According to my book on Pez, there are subtle changes over a course of a few years. For example, the teeth move from the side of his mouth to under his mouth, but the head remains the same. Every couple of years they altered one element. At least that’s how i perceived it. I don’t think I’ll do all the versions, just the dramatic differences.