An Echo in My Bones – Day 237

Here is my revised newer Skull piece. Lets start off with the facts! This is my favorite, not just the top ten, but numero uno! I changed the stem to red (which i have a red skull pez) and put it on this looney tunes style board. It reminds me of the opening credits to any Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry Cartoons with the radial circles in the back ground. I love the way the circles echo up the board, perhaps i would say it’s a visual amplification of this piece. I also love how the bottom of the board is worn away at the perfect level, which allowed me to fade the image in easily. This piece will most likely never be seen in person (at a gallery or show that is). It’s either staying in my personal collection or there is one collector that I would give it to. That’s how much i enjoy it. I usually don’t have this strong of an attachment to work. I do love “new” works, but i think the the skull pez has been not only a spring board in to the 365 days of Pez project, but it’s been my drive for other works too. Plus, the whole concept of life and death is a common occurrence in art, as art imitates life and life imitates art, etc… Blah, blah, blah… I think it’s just one of those pieces for me that completes the puzzle. I still have a lot of days/pieces to go. I guess we’ll see if i can top this one (in my own mind that is).

One thought on “An Echo in My Bones – Day 237

  1. Oh, crap! Now I think I might have to purchase two; this one is spectacular, but I like the orange one a lot too. Congratulations on stepping up your game.

    Best, CTM

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