Carnival Games – Day 236

Here is my revised Clown piece. I think after looking at it for a bit, it reminds me of the water gun game at carnivals. The one where you shoot the water in to the clowns mouth and it blows up the balloon. I remember when i was about 8-10 years old, we went to Geauga Lake (an amusement park) and i was trying to play this game. But every time i grabbed the metal gun that was used to shoot the water i was shocked with a couple volts of electricity. I told my mom, and i told the carny, but they both said i was crazy. Just play the game they said! Ultimately it was figured out. I was standing in a puddle of water and the games electrical source wasn’t grounded. Yup! shocking little kids at the amusement park all day long, good times. Ha ha. Back to the piece, i darkened the hat up, and put the piece on a red board with graffiti on it. I like the way the darkest brown layer on the face mimics some of the graffiti on the board (like the number 4 on the bottom right). I like this piece, but the clown factor takes me back a bit. I don’t hate clowns, but i sure don’t love them either.